Ikornitsa “Caspian sturgeon”

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Ikornitsa “Caspian sturgeon”

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A gift that will satisfy the most demanding people.
Ikornitsa in the form of caspian sturgeon is made of 24 carat gold. Its eyes are decorated with natural semiprecious lapis lazuli, and there is a stylized fish on a tray made of a slice of whole agate. The legs are covered with a pattern, and the whole set is decorated with diamonds.
Ikornitsa will become a truly luxurious and memorable gift for many years, with which you can please your loved ones and yourself.
Materials: agate cut, Lazurite natural stone, bronze, 24K gold bath, silver bath, diamonds* (* the precious stones are artificially grown on the basis of natural stones and are 100% analogues in chemical composition and physical properties).

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