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“Falcon” table set

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The collection of interior items is a true embodiment of exquisite luxury. The collection reflects the value of historical sound in a contemporary style.
The common thread of the collection are images of animals in Sak’s animal style. The basis of the new items in the collection were the images of the proud golden eagle.
The collection conveyed in a beautiful way the connection of generations, respect for the legacy of the ancestors and a quick look into the future. The items in the collection will bring an atmosphere of solemnity and grandeur to the interior and will become a symbol of your success. The set includes: a box with a holder for a pocket watch, a pocket watch, a pen, a removable hourglass (time of 1 and 3 minutes).
The material of the box is metal coated with gold, translucent colored enamel.
Pocket watch: the stainless steel case with gold plating. Clock mechanism: “Ronda 708” with a quartz caliber.

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